Yassi Pressman 

“Siguro my favorite would be pickle.ph kasi sila kasama yung packed foods sa kanila. So I did that for a month, it’s masarap actually." - (Click here to read full article on How Yassi Pressman Keeps Her Belly Flat on pep.ph)

Health JuNKIE.ph

What I really loved about Pickle is their focus on nutrition. They don’t skimp on protein, they serve just the right amount of rice (and well cooked rice, I must say), and almost every meal comes with vegetables. For that added oomph of phytonutrients, their daily meals come with a bottle of cold-pressed juice." - (Click here to read full review)


"That Orzo Spinach Salad with Feta was so gooood, I think I gobbled the entire serving in less than 10 minutes. Hahaha. I need the recipe!" (Click here to read full feature)

yummy Magazine january 2016

"Pickle's creative takes on breakfast will make you look forward to starting your day right. We particularly love their brown rice congee with a sous vide egg-- flavourful and filling, even if it's portion-controlled." (Click here to read full article)


"What I love the most about Pickle is that it gives you a refreshing take on what clean eating looks like. It’s great that they understand the need for carbs (brown rice is frequently served), especially with what our body is used to taking in here in the Philippines. Sometimes, I couldn’t even believe that some of the snack offerings fall under the low-fat category. In this week’s meal plan, the Whole Wheat Choco-Chip Banana Cookie was literally too good to be true. But of course, they didn’t spoil me by giving me a whole batch of it. Just one cookie that was portioned nicely to complement they day’s meal plan" (Click here to read full review)